Hear what our patient have to say:

"Dr. Seok's office provides quick and capable pain-free dentistry, my whole family can appreciate." Arthur C.

"Dr. Seok is a very professional doctor, quick and most of all pain free. I recommend to my family and friends. Today, it is very hard to find a special doctor that is loyal to his patients and a clean office and very polite staff." Elizabeth G.

"The facility is very neat and the receptionist is very nice, helpful and kind, and the other staff assisting the doctor is very helpful also. And the doctor is very professional that he explains everything, has a good hand in treating patients. Overall we are very satisfactory with the services and all we have to say is "keep up the good work!" and thank you so much!" Nery N. & Josefa M.

"Dr. Seok has always treated me fairly and affordable. I would recommend him to anyone." Mildred D.

"Dr. Seok is the best. Dentist work is quick and painless. He lets you know what he is doing, making one be at ease. He listens and answers questions. You do not have a wait time to be seated. I highly recommend him for dentist fearing people." Sara J.

"Me gusta como Dr. Seok hace el trabajo, pues, el es muy cuidadoso y delicado con el paciente. Yo estoy muy contenta con su trabajo."

(I like how Dr. Seok does the work because he is very careful and delicate with the patient. I'm very glad with his work.) Christina F.

"Dr. Seok is a very good dentist, if you have any question about your visit, he can help you and example of what is going with your visit. I highly recommend Dr. Seok. Thank you." Geraldina S.

"Dr. Seok is very good at his job. He is very easy to talk to and he is very informative. He tells me what he is doing every step. But most importantly, he takes good care of my teeth. His procedure is painless and quick. Overall I would recommend this dentist to everyone." Tae K.

"Dr. Seok is knowledgeable, friendly, passionate about what he does, and down to earth. Dr. Seok explained things very well and his cleaning and treatment were gentle and thorough. I would recommend Dr. Seok to all my friends and family." Alice S.

"4주전 처음으로 보석치과를 방문하고, 깨끗하고 친절한 분위기에 진료를 받게되어서 참 좋았다. 치과치료는 누구에게나 민감하고 불편한 일일 텐데도 보석치과에서의 4주동안의 신경치료는 참 편하고 안정적인 과정이었다. 의사선생님의 탁월한 솜씨에 대해서도 꼭 언급하고 싶을정도로, 의사선생님께서는 매순간 환자의 불편함을 체크하고 격려해주셨고, 더구나 치료 후의 내 치아들은 본래의 내 이처럼 전혀 불편함을 느낄수가 없었다. 감사합니다 선생님!!"

(I visited Dr. Seok's office 4 weeks ago, and I was glad to start treatment in nice and clean environment. In general, dental treatment is uncomfortable task for everyone. However, I was very happy to get treated in comfortable environment during the whole root canal and crown procedures. One thing I have to mention is Dr. Seok's outstanding skill which is so quick and precise. On top of that, he made sure that I was doing well and comfortable, and encouraged me throughout the procedures. Most amazing thing is that I have my tooth back that feels so comfortable and as if nothing has happened. And I am so happy for that. Thank you, Dr. Seok!) Eun C.

"The entire services, from welcoming patient to Dr.'s follow-up call have never disappointed my family since we started seeing Dr. Seok. His keen observations and professional treatments are the best parts among other experiences as his staffs also being upmost of. Useful advices and recommendations for keeping my teeth healthy are another huge benefit too. We believe that Dr. Seok and his team surely provide such a great confidence and reliability to the patients that they're caring with responsibility and respectfulness. We love to see them!" Michael N.

"Dr. Seok es un doctor que trabaja con mucha paciencia y con mucho cuidado. Me hizo sentir comodo y fuera de preocupaciones. Yo pienso que es un buen doctor a pesar de que antes le tenia miedo a los dentistas. Esa opinion a cambiado gracias a Dr. Seok. Yo lo recomiendo."

(Dr. Seok is a doctor that works with a lot of patience and with a lot of care. He made me feel comfortable and eased my fears. I think he is a good doctor. Before I was scare of dentists but I am not anymore. Thanks to Dr. Seok. I recommend him.) Misael A.

"I pay attention to the time Dr. Seok takes to judge his quality dental work. He is the most meticulous dentist I have ever met."  Won K.  

"Antes de conhecer o doutor Bo Seok eu tinha muito medo dos dentistas depoes que fui tratada pelo doutor Seok nunca mais tive medo de vir ao dentista. Eu recomendo este doutor. Maria R."

(Before I knew Dr. Bo Seok, I was terrified of dentist. But after I had treatment by Dr. Seok, I am not scared of dentist anymore. I recommend him.) Maria R.